Thursday, 5 March 2009


It's been a quiet one, this week....

I spent most of it waiting for a parcel that never arrived. Turns out Grill stole a load of those little red cards that the postman leaves when you're out, and filled it in, claiming each day that the parcel would arrive the following day. It took 4 days for the penny to drop.

You can tell when he's bored, because he does stuff like that. Must find something to occupy him. Chessington World of Adventures might suit. Or a really big pond.

Been on down the shops, earlier. Grill ran out of Kong Lager and I needed to get a new thingy for the thing in the kitchen that stops the water draining out... What they hell are they called? Oh never mind, it'll come back to me... Anyway, it looks like the recession's hit hard. World of Wrists shut down. There's just this big empty shop now. That old dosser who claims he was tarmac-ed as a baby lives there now. I'm not sure if he's telling the whole truth, but he does smell a lot like a road. A road that someone made an awful mess on.

So that's World of Wrists, God Hut and Teeth (the Booksellers) all folded in the last month. Christ knows who'll be next.

Ah well. Sorry not to have a lot to tell you about. It seems sort of like the time I drank a whole case of Night Nurse, and a single blink took two hours.

PLUG!! That's it...